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Lower Merion, Pa. Basement Cleanout

2018-09-20T19:00:34-04:00February 16th, 2017|CleanOutJunk News|

Looking to have a garage or basement or house cleanout completed in the Lower Merion, Pa. area? Here is the process. Set asise any items you wish to keep. Give the folks at Clean Out Junk (CleanOutJunk) or Philly Junk (PhillyJunk) a call, schedule an pickup date and our team will take care of everything else. We bag up what is needed to be removed, load the truck and haul it away. It’s that simple. We call ahead the day you are scheduled and let you know our exact ETA. House cleanouts, garage cleanouts, estate and basement cleanouts in Lower Merion, Pa.  and the surrounding towns are completed by the PhillyJunk and CleanOutJunk crews every day. We cannot remove gas, oil and paints. Those items are typically dropped off at your local township recycling weekends. Need a old wood or metal shed or hot tub dismantled and removed call the […]

Clean Out Junk and Junk King

2018-09-20T19:00:34-04:00February 14th, 2017|CleanOutJunk News|

Hey Junk-King stop using our federally registered and protected brand names of PhillyJunk® and CleanOutJunk® as headlines on your blog and headlines on your Google Adwords. We are locally owned and operated family junk removal business and your a large franchise company  and not sure why you feel compelled to infringe on our brand names. According to your company lawyer you guys feel just because you use Clean Out Junk and Philly Junk as separated words you can get away with stealing our brand names to try and steal business away from us. I see you use our brand names on your Google Adwords account as a headline and on your blog multiple times. Folks Junk-King continues to try and bully us with threats that their use of our trademarked names Philly Junk and Clean Out Junk does not infringe on our trademarks. There are several tests when evaluating infringement […]

Garage & Basement Cleanout Process

2018-09-20T19:00:34-04:00February 8th, 2017|CleanOutJunk News|

We often get asked what is the process to assist in getting a basement or a garage cleaned out. For us since we do them everyday it’s simple just identify what you want to keep and we will remove the rest. However, there is still some things you can to do to prepare. I would suggest purchasing some plastic containers to store items that are not as frequently used. These items should be labeled clearly. In both the garage cleanout and the basement clean out it would be a good idea to also purchase some hanging hooks for tools or other items and if needed purchase some shelves. While we are clearing out what is not needed we are at the same time providing the space to neatly store and hang the items which are often used.  One key is to try and store vertically as it provides more floor […]