Hey Junk-King stop using our federally registered and protected brand names of PhillyJunk® and CleanOutJunk® as headlines on your blog and headlines on your Google Adwords. We are locally owned and operated family junk removal business and your a large franchise company  and not sure why you feel compelled to infringe on our brand names. According to your company lawyer you guys feel just because you use Clean Out Junk and Philly Junk as separated words you can get away with stealing our brand names to try and steal business away from us. I see you use our brand names on your Google Adwords account as a headline and on your blog multiple times. Folks Junk-King continues to try and bully us with threats that their use of our trademarked names Philly Junk and Clean Out Junk does not infringe on our trademarks. There are several tests when evaluating infringement one of which is how it sounds when you say the name. Do you think Clean Out Junk sounds like CleanOutJunk and Philly Junk sounds like PhillyJunk when spoken?  we have caught Junk-King parked next to our truck trying to take pictures of our truck for who knows why and they seem intent on trying to add one of our company names to their Google Adwords ads and several blogs. We CleanOutJunk and PhillyJunk are politely asking you to spend your resources trying to build your own reputation and business and not use our solid reputation and brand name to do it.

Junk Removal King of Prussia, Pa.

Clean Out Junk house cleanout in Harleysville, Pa.