Which is the correct company listing for CleanOutJunk®.com; clean out junk, cleanout junk or cleanoutjunk removal service? Well, in fact, all three are correct according to our federally registered trademark. Our registration number for our trademark is: 4,088,036. The use of this federal trademark is for “junk, trash and debris removal” services and “the mark consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font, color, size or color”. Our competition like Junk-King and One Call Cleanout seems to think our trademark for both CleanOutJunk and PhillyJunk® when separated will not hold up in court and it’s the “grey area” of a trademark (according to Junk-King) so they at times use our name in their ad headlines or within their blogs or web pages. This misses the point. There are professional ethics involved. I wonder if we used Junk King or One Call Cleanout in our ads how long it would take to hear from either of these two honed company machines. If your looking for the real CleanOutJunk.com perhaps its best to call (888)-810-5865. Personally, I would not trust these companies nor their employees to come near my property considering what we know about their business practices already. CleanOutJunk is owned by PhillyJunk, Inc.® which owns both of these trademarks. So whether your looking for cleanoutjunk, clean out junk or cleanout junk just call 888-810-5865 or visit us @cleanoutjunk.com. Cleanoutjunk is a full service residential and commercial junk removal company serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Pa. 1-800-GOT-Junk