CleanOutJunk® a locally owned and family operated residential and commercial junk removal service located in Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pa. saves the day for a family who desperately needed a house cleaned out in Horsham, Pa. “It was almost an emergency for the family in the middle of the recent snow storm,” states K.C. Ingram co-founder of Clean Out Junk®. Several members of the family arrived from out of town hoping to settle and finalize their family’s estate by doing one of the final tasks of cleanout the remaining possessions of their parents old house. Often times these house cleanouts under these circumstances never go as planned.  The Horsham, Pa. house cleanout included much more contents then the family was expecting and with the upcoming snow storm they were out of time. The family representative for the estate and house cleanout called late one night explained their situation and we had four junk removal trucks on-site the following morning just ahead of the storm. By noon the house cleanout in Horsham, Pa. was completed and both the family and the CleanOutJunk crew were on their way. Hours later the snow began to fall to near record levels. “Luck played a part on our side as we had no other appointments scheduled because of the impending storm,” says K.C.. If your looking for an estate or house cleanout in Horsham, Pa, Bucks County, Pa, Montgomery County, Pa. or any of the surrounding areas call CleanOutJunk or PhillyJunk® at any time and schedule your cleanout.

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