CleanOutJunk office building cleanout MontgomeryCounty, Pa.

Clean Out Junk office building cleanout In North Wales, Pa.


Looking for a junk removal service to help cleanout an office building or a house cleanout in the North Wales, Pa. or the surrounding area? Call the family owned and operated house and building cleanout folks at CleanOutJunk. Our uniformed, insured junk removal teams will arrive and remove all items from exactly where they sit usually in just a few hours. Once the truck is loaded we will donate what we can and send the rest off to recycling centers. Need more than one truck no problem, we will bring as many trucks and crew as the job requires.

Clean Out Junk has been serving the North Wales, Pa. for nearly ten years. We routinely do house cleanouts, office cleanouts, estate cleanouts, storage unit cleanouts, garage and basement cleanouts, storage shed removals, assisted living cleanouts, commercial building cleanouts or just about any other cleanout needed. Typically we charge by the amount of material removed and loaded onto one of our trucks. Our rates are listed on our web site We remove small and simple jobs like a couch and love seat or can cleanout large commercial complex’s like when we emptied the Willow Grove Naval Area station. If you got junk then we can remove it safely for you.

CleanOutJunk operates six days a week. The process is simple. Just call, email or complete an online request form for the day and time you want a crew to arrive at your location. We will confirm the schedule, arrive on-time, identify the items to be remove, provide an estimate then remove the items. A simple process repeated every day (except Sunday’s).

If you have an house cleanout or office building space needing a cleanout in North Wales, Pa. or the surrounding area call the folks at CleanOutJunk.