junk hauling for property management

You need to keep your property looking sharp and ready for new and existing tenants. When a tenant vacates your apartment, you need it cleaned out fast so new tenants can move in. And you sure don’t want a dumpster sitting there for days or weeks on end while work is going on. It’s an eyesore and takes up valuable space, and more important, it’s a potential safety hazard that can raise serious liability issues. Instead, cleanoutjunk.com has the solution: We’ll send a truck by when needed to clear away the junk items and debris you’re tossing out. Our truck team can empty a complete apartment of old furniture, clothing, kitchen ware, and any other junk left behind. We will bag, remove, load and cleanup the complete apartment in a matter of a few hours. If you got junk that needs hauled out give Philly Junk a call.Simply call 1-888-810-5865 to arrange it, or book online.