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Standard Pricing

Load Size = Min.
Size of Load Price
Min. $139.00
1/8 $195.00
1/6 $259.00
1/4 $317.00
1/3 $345.00
3/8 $375.00
1/2 $415.00
5/8 $470.00
2/3 $520.00
3/4 $560.00
5/6 $598.00
7/8 $620.00
Full Load $649.00

Bed Load Pricing

CleanOutJunk 1-800-got-junk truck bed load pricing

Bed load pricing is used for heavy weight or dense weight materials. This typically includes stone, soil, bricks, concrete, roofing material, sheet rock, tile, etc. Price is based upon material volume 12”-18” off the bed of the truck in height, 8’ wide and ¼, ½, ¾ or the full bed space of a 10’ long bed.

Size of Load Price
1/4 $315.00
1/2 $425.00
3/4 $575.00
Full Load $660.00

At CleanOutJunk.com, price estimates include the following:

Volume (space) and weight of items to be removedLabor costs for pickup and cleanupEventual destination of removed itemsOff loading feesRecycling issuesFuel costsInsurance

Environmental Disposal Fee (additional) to remove the following items:

Air conditioner $10.00
Freezer $10.00
Refrigerator $10.00
Tire (auto): $5.00
Tire (truck): $10.00
Sorry, we cannot remove gas, oil, hazardous chemicals, or paint.

Pricing Exceptions

Piano: First Floor $245.00, Basement $340.00
Garden Tractors: $245.00
Carpet: Labor to pull-up carpets charged at $70.00/per standard size 10’ x 12’ room
Location Access: A surcharge of $80.00/hr. per pick-up will be added for removals that are above the second floor or when parking is not available in front of the property.