Basement Cleanout West Chester Pa

Garage & Basement Cleanout Process

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We often get asked what is the process to assist in getting a basement or a garage cleaned out. For us since we do them everyday it’s simple just identify what you want to keep and we will remove the rest. However, there is still some things you can to do to prepare. I would suggest purchasing some plastic containers to store items that are not as frequently used. These items should be labeled clearly. In both the garage cleanout and the basement clean out it would be a good idea to also purchase some hanging hooks for tools or other items and if needed purchase some shelves. While we are clearing out what is not needed we are at the same time providing the space to neatly store and hang the items which are often used.  One key is to try and store vertically as it provides more floor […]

Basement Cleanout Completed in West Chester, Pa.

2018-09-20T19:00:35-04:00January 18th, 2017|CleanOutJunk News|

CleanOutJunk completes another full basement and partial house cleanout in West Chester, Pa. Many of the items removed were donated and the rest of the contents were off loaded to a local recycling facility. The Clean Out Junk team which also includes the Philly Junk crew, bagged all the lose material first and staged the items by the rear exit basement door. Another Clean Out Junk crew then took those items to the junk removal trucks and loaded and hauled the junk off. The whole process which filled about one and half trucks worth of material took less than two hours. The homeowner simply identified what need to be removed and the CleanOutJunk and PhillyJunk crew went to work from there. If your look for a basement or house cleanout in West Chester, pa. or the surrounding area give the local family owned and operated junk removal team of […]