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Clean Out Junk and Junk King

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Hey Junk-King stop using our federally registered and protected brand names of PhillyJunk® and CleanOutJunk® as headlines on your blog and headlines on your Google Adwords. We are locally owned and operated family junk removal business and your a large franchise company  and not sure why you feel compelled to infringe on our brand names. According to your company lawyer you guys feel just because you use Clean Out Junk and Philly Junk as separated words you can get away with stealing our brand names to try and steal business away from us. I see you use our brand names on your Google Adwords account as a headline and on your blog multiple times. Folks Junk-King continues to try and bully us with threats that their use of our trademarked names Philly Junk and Clean Out Junk does not infringe on our trademarks. There are several tests when evaluating infringement […]

Garage Cleanouts & Basement Cleanouts

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CleanOutJunk® serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pa. continues to cleanout and organize basement cleanouts and garage cleanouts right thru the winter weather. Many people take the winter months to begin cleaning out their clutter and unwanted items and often start with their garages and basements. Using CleanOutJunk’s service is simple and straight forward. Our uniformed and insured truck teams will come in and remove all the unwanted items right from where it sits. We remove, load and dispose the unwanted items and the cost is calculated based simply on how much volume or space those items take up in one of our trucks. Once we identify what needs to be removed we provide an estimate of charges (based on our published rate schedule) and simply proceed to remove from there.1-800-GOT-Junk

Clean Out Junk® operates year round doing complete house cleanouts, commercial buildings cleanouts, office cleanouts, […]

Estate Cleanouts & House Clean outs

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Clean Out Junk® which provides residential and commercial junk removal throughout Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, Pa. specializes in complete apartment cleanouts, estate cleanouts and house cleanouts. The service includes removing everything from where it sits, loading and either donating the items or sending the items to a recycling center. Literally nothing goes to waste. CleanOutJunk.com® which is owned by Philly Junk® removes furniture, clothing, boxes, kitchen items, basement clean outs, garage cleanouts, storage shed cleanouts, attic cleanouts, household items or just about anything else. Our junk removal trained pros arrive in uniform ready to bag up everything and remove all items where they sit. We cannot remove gas, oil, paint or hazardous materials.  If your looking for experienced pros for an apartment cleanout, estate cleanout or house cleanout in Bucks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery County, Pa. call the residential and commercial hauling junk removal, got junk pros at […]